AI Generated Experiences


Generative Music + AI curated soundtracks


Grammy for AI Song of the Year? It’s going to happen.

We believe in a future where new modes of music are enabled by AI. And we are working to build that future.

Whether it’s personalized Soundtracks tailored to what you are doing RIGHT now, or completely AI generated compositions, STANDARD IMPOSSIBLE is focused on building new tools to enable new modes of creating music from streaming, realtime data using algorithmic and statistical/machine learning methods.

We are SW+ML Engineers/Musicians/Data Scientists working on AI tools that take streaming data (video, activity, location, weather, etc) to generate truly unique sounds, music, and AI curated soundtracks to enable transformative generative experiences.




by standard/impossible

This piece of Computational Music uses location based weather conditions as input into Standard/Impossible’s machine_music modules to generate midi in real-time, feeding a live performance utilizing weather data API’s, and Ableton Live + Logic Pro as sound sources. It is part of a larger project using real-time and historical time-series data to create sound scapes and compositional narratives of events from global-warming (using weather data) to stock-market collapses (using historical financial data).


gabe_levine (Founder)

After spending many years writing, recording and touring in music projects (TT, G&TH), Gabe pivoted into Software Engineering building Data and Machine Learning systems for ad tech and aerospace. Standard/Impossible combines his obsessions: the creative process + building technologies around data.